EzDirect™ Blood Direct PCR Kit



EzDirect™ Blood Direct PCR Kit is designed to perform PCR directly from biological sample including such as whole blood, plasma and serum are suitable materials. This kit is extremely easy and simple, just add the sample and primer for PCR.

  • Overview
    • No DNA/RNA preparation step
    • Easy and fast protocol (>10min)
    • Ready-to-use solution
    • Contains loading dye for visual confirmation and quick electrophoresis
    • Minimal optimization requirements
  • Ordering Information
    Cat No. Size Remark
    W1440 100 rxn
    W1440-4 400 rxn
  • Figures
  • Applications
    • Direct PCR for blood, plasma, serum and other fluidic samples
  • Storage & Shipping
    Room temperature


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