WizPure™ HS-PCR FDmix (UDG)



WizPure™ HS-PCR FDmix (UDG) combines all the reagents necessary for successful routine hot-start PCR in a convenient individually aliquot and lyophilized in single-tube. WizPure™ HS-PCR FDmix (UDG) is an economical, highly efficient and ready-to-use PCR premix of WizPure™ HS-Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR buffer, MgCl2 and dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dUTP, and Uracil DNA Glycosylase (UDG), except DNA template and primers.
UDG and dUTP are included in the mixture to prevent the reamplification of carryover PCR products between reactions. dUTP in the mix ensures that any amplified DNA will contain uracil. UDG removes uracil residues from single- or double-stranded DNA, preventing dU-containing DNA from serving as a template in future PCRs. Incubation of subsequent PCRs with UDG before cycling destroys any contaminating dU-containing PCR product from previous reactions.

  • Overview
  • Including loading dye for easy gel electrophoresis
  • A-tail formation at 3’ ends of amplified duplex DNA
  • Ready-to-use dried type
  • Easy reaction setup (pre-aliquot in 8-strip tube)
  • High PCR specificity and high sensitivity PCR amplification
  • Prevent carryover contamination
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start PCR
  • Room-temperature reaction set-up
  • Contains loading dye for visual confirmation and quick electrophoresis
  • Minimal optimization requirements
  • Eliminating extra pipetting steps and multiple reagents reduces contamination risk and provide better reproducibility
  • Ordering Information
Cat No. Size Remark
W1612 96 T 8 strip x 12 ea
W1612-5 480 T 8 strip x 60 ea
  • Technical Data
  • Applications
  • High through-put PCR
  • Routine diagnostic PCR requiring high reproducibility
  • Hot-start PCR
  • Primer extension
  • Multiplex PCR
  • High specific amplification of DNA fragments shorter than 3kb
  • Storage & Shipping
Shipped at room temperature
Store at -20ºC, upon receipt


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