CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG)



CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG) kit combines all the reagents necessary for successful routine hot-start PCR in a convenient individually aliquot in a 0.2ml 8-strip PCR tube. CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG) kit is an economical, highly efficient, ready-to-use, and room temperature stable format. There is no need for freezing, thawing steps, or pipetting on ice, so minimized the risk of human errors and contaminations.
CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG) kit contains antibody-mediated hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR buffer, MgCl2 and dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dUTP, and Uracil DNA Glycosylase (UDG). UDG and dUTP are included in the mixture to prevent the reamplification of carryover PCR products between reactions. dUTP in the mix ensures that any amplified DNA will contain uracil. UDG removes uracil residues from single- or double-stranded DNA, preventing dU-containing DNA from serving as a template in future PCRs.
CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG) kit contained blue loading dye, therefore the PCR product can be directly loaded onto an agarose gel without the additional need of loading buffer and dyes. CrystalMix® HS-PCR (UDG) kit without gel loading dyes is also available for applications when loading dyes are undesired.

  • Overview
  • Ordering Information
    Cat No. Size Remark
    W8112 96 rxn 8 strip x 12 ea
  • Features
    Pre-aliquoted & lyophilized in 0.2 ml clear tube
  • Technical Data

  • Application
    • High through-put PCR
    • Routine diagnostic PCR requiring high reproducibility
    • DNA sequencing template preparation
    • Point-of-care Molecular diagnostics
  • Storage & Shipping
    Store below 25°C in airtight pouch with desiccants
  • Advantages
    • Room temperature stable for over 1 year
    • Ready-to-use lyophilized type
    • Fast protocol, just add sample & primer
    • No freezing/thawing step
    • No PCR mixture preparation step
    • No cold chain shipping, Simple transport logistics
    • Minimize human error and contamination
    • Maximize Stability, Reproducibility, and Reliability
    • Aliquot per each reaction
    • Eliminating extra pipetting steps and reducing contamination risk from multiple reagents and providing better reproducibility



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