CrystalMix® HS-PCR



CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit contained all the reagents necessary for successful routine hot-start PCR in a convenient individually aliquot in an 8-strip PCR tube. CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit is an economical, highly efficient, ready-to-use, and room temperature stable format. There is no need for freezing, thawing steps, or pipetting on ice, so minimized the risk of human errors and contaminations.
CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit processive, 5’→ 3’ DNA polymerase and lacks a 3’→5’ proofreading function, therefore the amplification products are compatible with TA cloning. CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit yields excellent and consistent results in routine hot-start PCR reactions as well as high-throughput PCR genotyping, colony PCR, RT-PCR, and PCR cloning. CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit contained blue loading dye, therefore the PCR product can be directly loaded onto an agarose gel without the additional need of loading buffer and dyes.
CrystalMix® HS-PCR kit without gel loading dyes is also available for applications when loading dyes are undesired.

  • Overview
  • Ordering Information
    Cat No. Size Remark
    W8111 96 rxn 8 strip x 12 ea
  • Features
    Pre-aliquoted & lyophilized in 0.2 ml clear tube
  • Technical Data
  • Application
    • High through-put PCR
    • Routine diagnostic PCR requiring high reproducibility
    • DNA sequencing template preparation
    • Point-of-care Molecular diagnostics
  • Storage & Shipping
    Store below 25°C in airtight pouch with desiccants
  • Advantages
    • Room temperature stable for over 1 year
    • Ready-to-use lyophilized type
    • Fast protocol, just add sample & primer
    • No freezing/thawing step
    • No PCR mixture preparation step
    • No cold chain shipping, Simple transport logistics
    • Minimize human error and contamination
    • Maximize Stability, Reproducibility, and Reliability
    • Aliquot per each reaction
    • Eliminating extra pipetting steps and reducing contamination risk from multiple reagents and providing better reproducibility


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