WizPure™ Bst DNA Polymerase (Large Fragment, exo-)



WizPure™ Bst DNA Polymerase (Large Fragment, exo-) is a DNA polymerase from Bacillus stearothermophilus that is modified so that it retains its 5’→ 3’ DNA polymerase activity while lacking the intrinsic 5’→ 3’ exonuclease domain. This polymerase also has strand displacement capabilities making it an ideal candidate for isothermal amplification.

  • Overview
    • 5’→3′ DNA polymerase activity and strand-displacement activity
    • DNA synthesis can be performed at a constant temperature
    • Suitable for synthesis of DNA strands having high GC content
    • Not affected by inhibition due to the secondary structure of DNA
    • High purity/high-quality control
  • Ordering Information
    Cat No. Size Remark
    W1321 2,000 U
    W1321-5 10,000 U
  • Features
    2,000 U contains: 
    1 x 250 µl, Bst DNA Polymerase (8U/µl)
    2 x 1.5 ml, 10X Bst Reaction Buffer10,000 U contains: 
    1 x 1,250 µl, Bst DNA Polymerase (8U/µl)
    7 x 2 ml, 10X Bst Reaction Buffer
  • Figures
  • Applications
    • DNA sequencing through high GC regions
    • Rapid Sequencing from nanogram amounts of DNA template
    • Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)
    • Whole genome amplification (WGA)
    • Ramification amplification (RAM)
  • Storage & Shipping
    Store at -20ºC in a frost-free freezer
    Shipped on ice packs and/or dry ice


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