Pasteur Pipettes, LDPE



• Excellent chemical stability.
• Suitable for drawing, transferring and blending various volumes of liquid.
• Transparent with clear graduation markings for easy liquid level observation.
• Manufactured in ISO 8 grade clean room.
• No additive contamination.
• Pipettes can be twisted and contorted for use with micro-vessels & oddly shaped containers.
• High precision and good repeatability.
• The individually packed pipettes are sterilized by Gama radiation.

Product spec

DNase RNase Free Yes
Free of endotoxins Yes
Free of heavy metals Yes
ATP & Pyrogen free Yes
Human DNA free Yes
Sterile (Gamma Irridiatation) Yes

Ordering Details

Code Capacity Height No./case
P31207 0.4 ml 131 mm 500
P31208 0.4 ml Sterile,Individually wrapped 131 mm 500
P31201 1.0 ml 154 mm 500
P31202 1.0 ml Sterile,
Individually wrapped
154 mm 450
P31209 2.0 ml 152 mm 500
P31210 2.0 ml Sterile,
Individually wrapped
152 mm 450
P31205 3.0 ml 154 mm 500
P31206 3.0 ml Sterile,
Individually wrapped
154 mm 450


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