ABDOS Maxi Horizontal Gel Unit



• The system has large 20 x 20 cm gel Tray that is ideal for high resolution techniques, such as screening PCR Products and RFLP analysis.
• The combs are height adjustable to offer complete control over loading volume and well depth.
• The system has four comb positions along the tray for fast separation of a maximum of 168 samples.
• The Combs in this system are compatible with Multichannel pipette with a maximum of 42 sample throughput to reduce
gel loading time.

Product spec

CE certified Yes


Material ACRYLIC
Unit Dimensions (L x B x H) 26 x 47 x 8.5 cm
Gel Dimensions (W x L) 20 x 20 cm
Buffer Volume 2200 ml
Maximum Sample Capacity 168
Adjustable Combs 42 Well Adjustable comb (2 Nos)
  Comb Thickness 1, 1.5 or 2 mm
  Comb Throughput 42 samples
Comb Slots 4
UV Trays Gel Running Tray with inbuilt Casting Gates
Platinum Electrode Red and Black (1 Pair)
Connecting Cord Red and Black (1 Each)
Recommended Power Supply E12377 & E12378

Ordering Details

ABDOS MAXI Horizontal Electrophoresis System
Code List of Power Supply Systems No. / Case
E12176 Maxi Horizontal System includes Basic unit with fixed Platinum Electrode Assembly, Gel Running Trays of 20 x 20cm (1 No.), 42 Well ABS Comb with 1.5 mm thickness (2 Nos.), Connecting Cord(1 Pair) 1


Spare Accessories:
Code Product No. / Case
E12177 Gel Running Tray : 20 X 20 cm 1
E12178 Gel Casting Tray : 20 X 20 cm 1
E12179 42 Well Adjustable Comb 1
E12180 Connecting Cord for E12176 2


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