Centrifuge Tubes Conical Bottom, PS/HDPE



• Abdos Centrifuge tubes are manufactured using high purity virgin USP Class VI Polystyrene (PS)
conforming to US FDA 21 CFR, free from natural rubber and heavy metal.
• Polystyrene centrifuge tube are hydrophobic & its biologically inert surface is good for cell and
protein recovery.
• Perform well with animal cell culture handling.
• The large white frosted portion for easy writing.
• The large white frosted portion for easy writing.
• Silk-Screen graduation makes identification easy.
• Amber colour option for light-sensitive samples.
• Built-in plug in the cap makes it leak proof.
• Sterile Tubes have been validated according to ISO 11137 for SAL 10-6
• Can withstand up to 2500 xg RCF*.


Product spec

DNase RNase free Yes
Free of endotoxins Yes
Free of heavy metals Yes
Human DNA free Yes
Leak-proof Tested 635 mm/Hg Yes
ATP & Pyrogen free Yes
Auto Clave Yes
Gc/Ms Tested Yes
Sterile (Gamma Irridiatation) Yes

Ordering Details

Code Capacity (ml) Cap Colour Outer Diameter Height No./case
P10419 15 ml, Sterile Blue 16.5 mm 121 mm 500
P10421 15 ml, Racked Sterile Blue 16.5 mm 121 mm 750 (25 pcs x 30 racks)
*Depending on the quality of Centrifuge and compatibility of Rotor.


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