Mr. Lite: the Ultra-Light Electronic Pipette



The Ultra-Light Electronic Pipette is a revolutionary product that combines cutting edge technology and ergonomic designs. For starters it is the first pen-grip pipette and also the first pipette to solve the ‘hand-warming’ effect by automatically compensating the dispensing volume. This combined with the proprietary micro-actuator technology allows for high precise dispensing with the lowest ever variation when compared to competition. It is a know fact that the dispensing accuracy of pipettes has a strong correlation to repeatability in real-time PCR (qPCR) results. The precise dispensing of the ‘Ultra-Light’Pipette and the Multiple dispensing mode of the pipette makes it ideal for qPCR applications not using automated pipetting.

Typical Applications:

Ideal for real-time PCR applications: Higher repeatability in real-time PCR results.

Areas of Application:

Universities: Molecular biology, Chemical, Microbial Research,Environmental studies etc.

Hospitals: Immunology, Virus testing, Hematology,Infectious diseases etc.

Pharmaceutical companies, Testing companies, Genome contractdevelopment companies etc.


Ultra-Light and Ergonomic Design

Ease of Use: The world’s first “Pen Grip” electronic pipette.

Solves the “Hand warming effect” by automatically compensating dispensing volume.

High Precision dispensing enabled by micro actuator.

Single and Multiple Dispensing modes.


Item Ultra-Light Electronic Pipette
Dispensing Range 2-20 µl 25-25 µl 100-1000 µl
Repeatability (CV) 20 µl ≤ 0.4% 250 µl ≤0.15% 1000 µl ≤0.15%
2 µl ≤ 2.0% 25 µl ≤0.7% 50 µl ≤0.5%
Accuracy 20 µl ± 1.0% 250 µl ± 0.5% 1000 µl ± 0.5%
2 µl ± 3.5% 25 µl ± 1.5% 1000 µl ± 1.5%
Compatible Tips Four E’ s 20 µl (207) 250 µl (703) 1000 µl (806)
Watson 10 µl (207) 200 µl (703) 1000 µl (806)
300 µl (505) 1200 µl (706)
Gilson DL300 20-300µl DL1000 100-1000µl
Eppendorf ep T.I.P.S 0.5-20µl ep T.I.P.S 20-300µl ep T.I.P.S 50-1000µl
Weight Approximately 75g (including battery)
Speed Levels 5 levels (Hi, 4, 3, 2, Lo)
Battery Type AAA Powered (Ni-MH) battery


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