Kimtech Science Kimwipes Wipers



• These wipers is an ideal product for cleaning and wiping delicate surfaces such
as beakers, lenses, slides, optical lenses, optical instruments, surface and glass
• Low in lint and low extractable wipers.
• Non-abrasive wipers wont scratch on delicate surface when used wet.
• Absorbent wipers hence easily wipe up liquid and dust.
• LINTGURD anti-stat polyshield on each pop-up box helps to further reduce the
lint and static buildup.
• Multi-fold dispensing format enables one-at-a time dispensing which controls
• Handy, portable pop-up box makes the product convenient to use.

Ordering Details

Safe Skin Purple Nitrile Gloves – 9.5 inches length
Code Sizes Units/pack No./case
U20409 11.17 cm x 21.3 cm 280 sheets 60 packs
U20410 37.33 cm x 42.16 cm 140 sheets 15 packs


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