EzDirect™ Mouse Direct PCR Kit



EzDirect™ Mouse Direct PCR Kit (For Genotyping) is specifically designed for mouse genotyping assay with no prior DNA purification. This kit is extremely easy and simple, just mix with the sample and buffer for preparing PCR.

  • Overview
    • No DNA preparation step
    • Easy and fast (5min)
    • Simple protocol
    • No need for proteinase K step
    • Cost save
    • Reliable results
    • High quality
    • Minimize error
  • Ordering Information
    Cat No. Size Remark
    W1450-2 200 rxn
    W1450-5 500 rxn
  • Figures
  • Applications
    • Direct-PCR of Mouse tissue (tail, ear) for genotyping
  • Storage & Shipping
    EzDirect™ Buffer : Room temperature
    Ez-PCR Mix (2X) : -20°C
    L-Solution (lyophilized) : 4°C


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