Electronic Pipette Filler



With a 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery, Four E’s Scientific Pipette Filler offers long runtime on each charge. Its powerful motor can fill a 25ml pipette in less than 5 seconds. Moreover, 4 types of speed levels are available for both aspirating and dispensing liquid.


Lightweight, ergonomic designs allow longer, fatigue-free pipetting.

Powerful motor fills a 25mL pipette in<5 seconds.

Overfilling and contamination are prevented by a 0.45 µm hydrophobicfilter.

Autoclavable nosepiece and silicone sealing ring.

It is made of high-quality material, which is resistant to corrosion bychemical reagents and UV disinfection.

Optional cordless and cradle charging, which is convenient to use indifferent application scenarios.

Four speeds are available for aspirating and dispensing liquid.

Large color LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining batterycharge and speed settings.

Efficient lithium-ion battery offers long runtime on each charge.

Provides accurate, reproducible filling and dispensing from 1 to 100mL.


Model EP101
Aspiration Speed 25mL < 5s
Dispensing Speed Motor/Gravity
Battery Lithium-ion
Filter 0.45 µm Hydrophobic
Pipette Type Glass or Plastic Pipette (0.1 – 100ml)
Display LCD
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40
Power [W] 0.3 W
Charging Voltage [VDC] 5
Battery capability [mAh] 1500
Number of Use for One Charge About 3000 circles/25ml Pipette
Battery Stand-by Time 720h


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