• These Cryo aprons provide a high level of thermal protection to the torso and upper legs in harsh cryogenic atmospheres.
• Multi-layered construction allows for the maximum level of thermal protection and
waterproof nylon outer shell protects you from cryogenic splashes and keeps you safe and comfortable.
• These Cryogenic aprons have quick-release buckles at the neck & waist for added safety and function.
• Not for immersion in liquid nitrogen.

Ordering Details

Storage Vial Natural, PP
Code Size No. / Case
U20331 36 inch or 91.4 cm 1
U20332 42 inch or 106.7 cm 1
U20333 48 inch or 121.9 cm 1
U20334 54 inch or 137.2 cm 1


Storage Vial Natural, PP
Application Environment
Cold room /
walking freezer
Cryo preservation
Blast freezers Cryogenic liquid
Delivery and filling
of cryogenic liquid
Clinical lab
Bio medical
Blood banks
Frozen food processing


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