Container Seal



• Container Seal is a sealing tape designed for the vast range of bottles and
containers used in laboratory application.
• Its unique elastomeric characteristics allow it to stretch and conform
around the irregular perimeters of containers lids and covers to form a
tight seal.
• Container Seal will block water vapor loss, reduce the rate of gas exchange
and prevent entry of contaminants.
• Ideally sized (0.75” wide) tape can be easily removed from surface without
leaving an adhesive residue.
• Container Seal stretches and conforms, can resist chemical & temperature
range and is waterproof.
• Available in a wide variety of colours.

Ordering Details

Code Sizes Colour No./case
U20101 C 0.75 inches x 108 feet Clear 1 Roll
U20101 W 0.75 inches x 108 feet White 1 Roll
U20101 B 0.75 inches x 108 feet Blue 1 Roll


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