ABDOS Maxi Plus Horizontal Gel Unit



• The system has large 25 x 30 cm gel Tray that is ideal for high resolution techniques, such as screening PCR Products and RFLP analysis.
• The combs are height adjustable to offer complete control over loading volume and well depth.
• The system has 12 comb positions at different intervals along the tray for fast separation of a maximum of 624 samples.
• The Combs in this system are compatible with Multichannel pipette with a maximum of 52 sample throughput to reduce
gel loading time.

Product spec

CE certified Yes


Material ACRYLIC
Unit Dimensions (L x B x H) 34 x 57 x 10 cm
Gel Dimensions (W x L) 25 x 30 cm
Buffer Volume 3000 ml
Maximum Sample Capacity 256
Adjustable Combs 52 Well Adjustable comb (6 Nos)
  Comb Thickness 1, 1.5 or 2 mm
  Comb Throughput 52 samples
Comb Slots 12
UV Trays Gel Running Tray with inbuilt Casting Gates
Platinum Electrode Red and Black (1 Pair)
Connecting Cord Red and Black (1 Each)
Recommended Power Supply E12377 & E12378

Ordering Details

ABDOS-MAXI Plus Horizontal Electrophoresis System
Code List of Power Supply Systems No. / Case
E12201 Maxi Plus Horizontal System includes Basic unit with fixed Platinum Electrode Assembly, Gel Running Trays of 25 x 30 cm (1 No.), 52 Well ABS Comb with 1.5 mm thickness (2 Nos.), Connecting Cord (1 Pair) 1


Spare Accessories:
Code Product No. / Case
E12202 Gel Running Tray : 25 X 30 cm 1
E12203 Gel Casting Tray : 25 X 30 cm 1
E12204 52 Well Adjustable Comb 1
E12205 Connecting Cord for E12201 2


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