Wavex – Classic Tube Rotator



• Wavex tube rotators provide gentle but effective mixing of biological samples, held in 1.5 ml to 50 ml tubes.
• Used in a variety of applications including immune precipitations, prevention of blood coagulation & latex diagnostics.
• Wavex-Classic Tube Rotator has Disk Type Design.

Product spec

CE certified Yes


Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power 20W
Motor Type DC Motor
Tilt Angle 90°
Speed Range 0-80rpm
Speed Display Scale
Operation Type Continuous
Dimensions 300 x 220 x 310mm
Weight 2 kg
Permissible ambient Temperature 5-40°C
Permissible ambient Humidity 80%
Protection Class IP21

Ordering Details

SWIRLEX – Classic Tube Rotator
Code Product No. / Case
E11300 Wavex-Classic Tube Rotator 1


Spare Accessories
Code Product No. / Case
E11301 Plastic Clips for 1.5 ml x 12 micro centrifuge tubes,Disk accessory 12
E11302 Plastic Clips for 15 ml x 12 micro centrifuge tubes, Disk accessory 12
E11303 Plastic Clips for 50 ml x 12 micro centrifuge tubes,Disk accessory 12


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