Water Proof Cryo Gloves



• These cryogenic gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments.
• These gloves are designed to provide a high level of thermal protection where the exposure to cryogenic fluids might exist.
• These gloves are multi-layered and allow for a maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility and dexterity essential  feature when the function is important and safety is critical.
• Not for immersion in liquid nitrogen.

Product spec

Application Environment
LN2 atmosphere
and environmen
Fertility clinic
Refrigirated liquid baths Bio medical
Cryo freezers Genetic and bio
Cryogenic grinding Pharmaceutical

Ordering Details

Code Places No. / Case
U20319 Wrist S 1 Pair
U20320 Wrist M 1 Pair
U20321 Wrist L 1 Pair
U20322 Wrist XL 1 Pair
U20323 Mid Arm S 1 Pair
U20324 Mid Arm M 1 Pair
U20325 Mid Arm L 1 Pair
U20326 Mid Arm XL 1 Pair
U20327 Elbow S 1 Pair
U20328 Elbow M 1 Pair
U20329 Elbow L 1 Pair
U20330 Elbow XL 1 Pair


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