• ABDOS Thermo Mix Series allows for precise and efficient shaking and mixing as well as excellent temperature accuracy
and uniformity, offering a wide range of applications, such as Gene Synthesis, Gene Purification, Gene Denaturation,
Protein Denaturation, Enzymatic reaction, Bacterial growth and many more.
• ABDOS Thermo Mix is equipped with quick interchange of blocks with magnet Adhesion technology and without any
• It is programmable and has three points calibration with precise temperature control for heating and cooling.

Product spec

CE certified Yes


Code E11340 E11341 E11342
Voltage 220-240 V 220-240 V 220-240 V
Frequency 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ
Functions Heating, cooling & Mixing Heating & Cooling Heating & Mixing
Adaptor Block Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Temperature Range Heating : 25°C-100°C
Cooling : 25°C – below
Heating : 25°C-110°C
Cooling : 25°C – below
Heating : 25°C-100°C
Setting Temperature Range 15°C 25°C 15~100°C
Temperature Uniformity @ 20-45°C 0.1~100°C -5~100°C ±0.5°C
Temperature control accuracy@ ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
20-45°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C 5.5°C/min
Maximum Heating Rate 5.5°C/min 5.5°C/min
Maximum Cooling Rate 5.5°C/min(100°C-25°C)
0.5°C/min(below 25°C)
0.5°C/min(below 25°C)
Mixing Frequency 200-1500 rpm NA 200-1500 rpm
Mixing Orbit 3 mm NA 3 mm
Program 9 9 9
Overheating Protection 150°C 150°C 150°C
Dimension(WXDXH) 200 x 235 x 120mm 200 x 235 x 120mm 200 x 235 x 120mm
Weight 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg

Ordering Details

Thermo Mix – LCD Digital
Code Product No. / Case
E11340 LCD Digital Thermo Mix with Heating and Cooling and Mixing with 1.5 ml Heating Block 1
E11341 LCD Digital Thermo Mix with Heating and Cooling with 1.5 ml Heating Block 1
E11342 LCD Digital Thermo Mix with Heating and Mixing with 1.5 ml Heating Block 1


Spare Accessories
Code Product Speed Places No. / Case
E11343 Heating Block, used for 0.2 ml / 96 well PCR plate 1500rpm 96 1
E11344 Heating Block, used for 96/384 well microplate 1500rpm 96/384 1
E11345 Heating Block, used for 0.5 ml 1500rpm 24 1
E11346 Heating Block, used for 1.5 ml 1500rpm 24 1
E11347 Heating Block, used for 2.0 ml 1500rpm 24 1
E11348 Heating Block, used for 5 ml (Round Bottom) 1500rpm 8 1
E11358 Heating Block, used for 5ml (Conical Bottom) 1400rpm 8 1
E11349 Heating Block, used for 15 ml 800rpm 8 1
E11350 Heating Block, used for 50 ml 600rpm  Product 1



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