Rotator Workstation, PP



• Abdos rotator workstation is a unique ultimate workstation helping you
organize your laboratory work.
• Cube shaped multi-hole rack suitable for different products, has
a unique rotate and lock design that helps add or subtract racks
according to end user’s needs.
• These racks can withstand temperature of -80°C to 121°C.

Product spec

Alphanumeric Identification Yes
Autoclave Yes

Ordering Details

Code Tube Capacity L x W x H No. Per Case
P20208 PCR Tubes & Plates, 0.5ml & 1.5ml & 2.0ml,
15ml & 50ml
108 x 68 x 108 mm 4 (assorted colours)

Product Compatibility chart for Rotatory Workstation:

50 ml Centrifuge Tube 2 per unit
15 ml Centrifuge Tube 8 per unit
1.5 ml or 2.0 ml Micro Centrifuge Tube 9 per unit
0.5 ml Micro Centrifuge Tube 6 per unit
PCR Plates (unskirted or semi skirted 96 well) 1 per 2 unit locked together
PCR 8-tube strip 6 per unit
PCR 12-tube strip 8 per 2 unit
PCR 0.2 ml tubes 48 per unit
Assorted colours consist of Blue (B), Green (G), Yellow (Y) & Red (R).


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