The RV131 Rotary Evaporator has wide applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, R&D labs, and for quality assurance. The Large LED display along with touch keys and an adjustable knob helps you easily set process parameters. The Double-layer vertical conseder with 1500 cm cooling surface provides efficient vapor collection and sample recovery.


Large LED display to easily set and monitor process parameters.

The touch keys and adjustable knob let you easily set the Rotation speed, heating temperature, operation time, and cycle times (clockwise and/or counterclockwise cycles).

The device also comes with a mistouch prevention lock to avoid changes through accidental touch.

The adjustment knob can be turned fast or slow to change parameters rapidly or accurately.

The 5L water-oil heating bath with heating temperature range of up to 180℃ (oil)

The device comes with a Brushless DC motor with rotation speeds ranging from 20 to 320 rpm.

Comes with PID temperature controller, overheat protection, dry-burning protection, and automatic power-off functions.

Double-layer vertical condenser with 1500cm² cooling surface for efficient vapor collection and sample recovery.

High elastic graphite filled PTFE seal and compression spring bring excellent sealing as well as high-temperature, corrosion, and abrasion resistances.

Manual lift for precise positioning of the glassware; the lifting height ranges up to 180mm and the tilt angle range is 0-360° (left and right interchangeable).

Ejection mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask.


Model RV131
Input Voltage, Frequency AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Max. Input Power of Main Unit [W] 48W
Heating Power [W] 1300W
Temperature Range [°C] Room temp. +5°C~90°C (Water)
Room temp. +5°C~180°C (Oil)
Countrol Accuracy [°C] Water±1.5°C, Oil ±3°C
Rotation Speed [rpm] 20 – 230 RPM
Speed Control / Increment[rpm] Stepless speed Control
Increment: 1RPM
Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Yes
Rotation Time Interval 5-999 s
Time Setting Range 1-999 min
Tilt Angle of Evaporation flask 0-180°
Lifting method Manual
Stroke Displacement [mm] 180mm
Vacuum Degree Max. 4mbar (3mmHg)
Heating Bath Capacity 5L
Display LED
[DIN_EN60529] IP42
Protection Class
Overload Protection Yes
Over-temperature Protection When we temperature of PT1000 temperature sensor is 5°C more than the set temperature, the heating automatically shuts off
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40°C
Permissible Relative Humility 80%
Dimension (W*D*H) [mm] Main Unit: 400*320*540mm
Heating Bath: 300*300*205mm
Weight (without glassware) [kg] Main Unit: 8.6 kg; Heating Bath: 3 kg


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