The MPW-260R centrifuge is a general-purpose cooling table centrifuge. Together with the MPW-260 and MPW-260RH they form a family of centrifuges, which, thanks to the possibility of configuring with a large number of available rotors, ensure the versatility of the applications and precision of the spinning process. They are used in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories. The MPW-260R is used in molecular biology and determining chlorophyll in plants.


  • with cooling
  • temperature + 4 ° C provided for maximum speed of each rotor
  • delayed start function
  • starts working at a certain temperature
  • initial cooling during centrifuging FAST COOL
  • maintenance-free induction motor
  • modern programming system
  • large graphical LCD display (MPW-260RH)
  • simultaneous indication of the preset and current values ​​of speed, RCF, time, temperature
  • 99 user programs
  • 10 acceleration / deceleration characteristics
  • programming of multi-segment acceleration and deceleration characteristics
  • RPM / RCF regulation
  • two countdown modes: from pressing the start key or reaching the set speed
  • HOLD continuous mode
  • work in “SHORT” mode
  • possibility to change parameters during spin
  • rotor auto-identification
  • automatic opening of the lid
  • records spin parameters – MPW Editor – PC (USB)
  • change of menu language (PL, EN, ES, IT, PT, DE, RU, SE, FR, CZ)
  • block selected features, password access protection
  • programmable density setting for samples> 1.2g / cm3 (with automatic maximum speed correction)
  • stainless steel centrifuge chamber
  • wide range of rotors and additional equipment


  • signaling imbalance
  • locking lid during spin
  • lockout with open lid
  • emergency lid opening
  • product compliant with international safety standards EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020, EN-61010-2-101.Safety


Power supply : 230V 50Hz/60Hz; 100V, 110V, 120V, 127V 60Hz
Power [W] : 600
Capacity [ml] : 500 (24 capillaries)
Max. RPM [m-1] : 90 ÷ 18 000
Max. RCF [x g] : 24 270
Setting time : 1s ÷ 99h 59min 59s + ∞, step 1s
Dimensions H x W x D [mm] : 315 x 365 x 660
Height with open lid : No data
Weight [kg] : 42,2/44,3 *
Min. acceleration time [s] : 7
Min. braking time [s] : 8
Temperature : -20°C ÷ +40°C
* weight of the centrifuge depends on the voltage version



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