The Mini Magnetic Stirrer is a very compact stirrer. It is made from chemical resistant materials and is easy to clean. The stirrer offers quiet operation and is ideal for routine stirring applications in general research, life science, quality analysis etc. It also comes with automatic reverse operation function for excellent mixing.

Typical Applications:

Agitate the liquid for speeding up the reactions or improving mixtures.

Commonly used for experiments in chemistry and biology industry.


Speed range of 15-1500rpm

High IP protection class (IP 65)

Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing performance.

Set-up plate and casing are made from chemically resistant materials.

Slip-proof and stable stand.

Model MI0102001
Rated voltage [VAC] 100-240
Rated frequency [Hz] 50-60
Output voltage [VDC] 12
Output power [W] Min.3
Stirring mechanism coil drive
Speed range [rpm] 15-1500
Stirred quantity (max) [ml] 800
Operating Time [%] 100
Protection class II
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category II
EN 60529 protection class IP65
Ambient humidity (relative) [%] 80
Ambient temperature [°C] 5-40 (in the operation)
Transport temperature [°C]  -25 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]  -10 to +70
Material Font membrane sheet Polyester
Weight [kg] 0.35
Installed weight (max) [kg] 2
Set-up surface [mm] ɸ100
Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 115x175x12


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