M-BASIC is a small, universal and easy-to-use laboratory centrifuge offering exceptional possibilities.

Its advantage is a unique rotor that combines the features of traditional angel and horizontal rotors. The revolutionary design allows to spin at 45° and 90° without changing the rotor, only by repositioning the buckets.

Thanks to its versatility, the same device can be used for daily tests (CBC or urine analysis) and for PRP preparation. It is suitable for small medical laboratories, research institutes and dental or esthetic medicine clinics. M-BASIC will also have application in surgery, orthopedics, veterinary medicine, sports medicine and many others.

M-BASIC’s small size fits in a small lab space, while its 8-tube capacity and low power consumption ensure efficiency without excessive environmental damage. M-BASIC combines durability and performance as well as exceptional reliability and safety.

M-BASIC is perfect for those who need a multipurpose, cost-effective and easy-to-use centrifuge for everyday work.


  • horizontal-and-angular rotor (unique system for placing containers in horizontal and angular positions)
  • maintenance-free induction motor
  • low noise level
  • 5 user programs (chosen with use of direct selection key)
  • changing of parameters during centrifuging
  • saving previously used setting
  • clear LED display
  • device’s status indicated by visual and sound signals
  • easy speed or RCF adjustment (chosen with use of direct selection key)
  • automatic lid opening
  • time calculation from START key pressing or from reaching preselected speed
  • 2 acceleration characteristics: FAST, SOFT
  • 3 deceleration characteristics: FAST, SOFT, RUN OUT
  • HOLD operation mode (infinite time of centrifugation)
  • SHORT time operation mode
  • centrifugation cycles count
  • effective ventilation system


  • stainless steel rotor chamber
  • imbalance detection
  • lid locking during rotor running
  • start blocking at opened lid
  • product conforming with the EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020, EN-61010-2-101 standards


Power supply : 230V 50/60Hz; 120V 50/60Hz
(option 100, 110, 127V 50/60Hz)
Power [W] : 120
Capacity [ml] : 8 x 15; 2 x 50; 2 x 60 PRP
Max. RPM [m-1] : 4 000
Max. RCF [x g] : 2 469
Setting time : 1 ÷ 99min (step 1min), ∞ (HOLD)
Dimensions H x W x D [mm] : 300 x 365 x 450
Height with open lid : 572
Weight [kg] : 21/23 *
Min. acceleration time [s] : 35
Min. braking time [s] : 33
* weight of the centrifuge depends on the voltage version


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