Low Retention Sterile Pipette Tips with Filter



Four E’s Scientific universal filter tips are ideal for tests with aerosol contamination and provide unsurpassed performance in handling cell culture, bacteriology, virology, molecular biology, radioactive samples, especially suitable for infective and dangerous samples such as pathogenic microorganism, virus etc. The filters we use are made from high density polyethylene, no adhesive and PCR inhibitor is contained, effectively reduce cross contamination and provide protection for end users as well as the hydrophobic raw materials greatly protect pipettes from potential contamination and avoid sample lost.


1.Produced in 100,000-grade clean room,the pipette tips are Non-pyrogenic, DNAse/RNAse free

2. Made from medical grade polypropylene with precise automatic molding system

3. Quality control system is equipped with SVM image measuring machine with a precision of 0.002mm, which specifically targeting at inspection of minor burrs, eccentricity, compatability etc.

4. The innovative thin-wall design effectively increases tip flexibility to make injection and ejection more convenient and greatly reduces the risk of RSI, which also contributes to the excellent performance of leak-proofness and precision.


 Part No.  Description  Packing  Tip color
 PTFB10  0.1-10µL filter pipette tip  96pcs/rack  Transparent
 PTFB10-L  0.5-10µL filter pipette tip, extended  96pcs/rack  Transparent
 PTFB20  1-20µL filter pipette tip  96pcs/rack  Yellow
 PTFB100  1-100µL filter pipette tip  96pcs/rack  Yellow
 PTFB200  1-200µL filter pipette tip  96pcs/rack  Yellow
 PTFB200-L  1-200µL filter pipette tip, extended  96pcs/rack  Yellow
 PTFB1000 100-1000µL filter pipette tip  96pcs/rack  Blue


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