GeneExplorer, as its name implies, “Gene Explorer” is a qualitative gene amplification instrument newly developed by Bioer Technology. This series of products breaks the traditional design concept of Bioer company, combines the characteristics of foreign advanced temperature control technology, introduces the semiconductor ceramic temperature control cold film customized by Japan Ferrotec, and cooperates with Bioer to accumulate 17 years of manufacturing experience, aiming to produce It is a simpler and more cost-effective gene amplification instrument.

For the first time, this product uses a mobile phone synchronization app to monitor the operation of the device in real time and remotely manipulate the OFF function of multiple networked devices. Its unique UI operating system not only realizes one-click operation of a single interface, but also realizes a series of online intelligent operations.

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Name  Gene Explorer
 Product code  BYQ6617E  BYQ6627E  BYQ6631E  BYQ6640E
 Model  GE-96G  GE-48DS  GE-48D  GE-48D
 Sample capacity  96×0.2ml  48×0.2ml 2 Blocks 3 zones  48×0.2ml (without gradient)  48×0.2ml
 Temp. range  4.0~105°C  (min. resolution: 0.1°C)
 MAX.Heating.Rate  6℃/sec
 Max.Cooling.Rate  5.5℃/sec
 Temp. uniformity  ≤±0.2℃
 Temp. accuracy  ≤±0.2℃(30s after reaching 55, 72 and 95℃ respectively)
 Hot-lid temp. range  30℃~110℃
 Gradient temp. range  1~30℃ 1~30℃ 1~30℃
 Max. cycles  ≥99, suitable for Nested PCR
 Time up/down  0~9m59s, suitable for Long PCR
 Temp. up/down  0.1~9.9℃, suitable for Touchdown PCR
 Memory  ≥2000 programs on board, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
 Interface  USB, LAN, WIFI
 Press mode of hot lid  One-time locking
 Mobile app.  iOS / Android
 Power supply  100~240V, 50~60Hz, 600W
 Dimension  420mm×269mm×254mm(L×W×H)
 Net weight  10.5kg


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