• ABDOS Cell strainers are manufactured from a strong medical grade nylon mesh with fine and even spaced pores used for
isolating primary cells to suffice tissue culture technique for obtaining uniform single cell suspension from tissues.
• These strainers are available in 3 mesh sizes : 40 µm, 70 µm and 100 µm with 3 different color codings for easy identification.
• The frame of strainer is made of virgin Polypropylene with extended lip for easy handling.
• These strainers provide ideal fitment with ABDOS 50 ml Centrifuge tubes.
• Sterilized by Gamma irradiation, Cell Strainers have been validated according to ISO 11137 for SAL 10-6

Product spec

Sterile ( E Beam) Yes
DNase RNase Free Yes
Endotoxin Free Yes
New Product Yes

Ordering Details

Code Pore Size Colour No./case
P21050 40 µm Blue 50
P21051 70 µm White 50
P21052 100 µm Yellow 50


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