ABDOS Mini Submarine Horizontal Gel Unit



• The system has moulded basic unit with fixed platinum electrode assembly along with Gel running and Gel
casting Tray.
• The combs having a maximum 8-sample throughput.

Product spec

CE certified Yes


Material Acrylic
Unit Dimensions (L x B x H) 20 x 10 x 8 cm
Gel Dimensions (W x L) 10 x 7 cm
Gel Running Tray 10 x 7 cm : 1 No
5 x 7 cm : 2 Nos
Gel Casting tray 1 No
Maximum Sample Capacity 8
Combs 8 well Acrylic comb ;1.5 mm thickness : 2 Nos
3 well preparative Acrylic comb ;3 mm thickness : 1 No
Platinum Electrode Red and Black : 1 Pair
Connecting Cord Red & Black (1Each)
Recommended Power Supply E12376, E12377 & E12378

Ordering Details

ABDOS Mini Submarine Horizontal Gel Unit
Code Product No. / Case
E12111 Mini Submarine Gel System includes Basic unit with Platinum Electrode Assembly, Gel running Trays of 100 x 70 mm (1 No.), 50 x 70 mm (2 Nos.) 8 -well Acrylic comb with 1.5mm thickness (2 Nos.), 3-well preparative Acrylic comb with 3 mm thickness (1 No.), connecting Cord(1 Pair) 1


Spare Accessories:
Code Product No. / Case
E12112 Gel Scoop for 10X7cm Gels 1
E12113 Gel Scoop for 10X7cm Gels-UV Transparent 1
E12114 Spare Electrode 2
E12115 Gel running tray 70X50 mm 2
E12116 Gel casting tray 70X50 mm 1
E12117 UV Transparent Gel running tray 70X50 mm 1
E12118 Gel running tray 100X70 mm 1
E12119 Gel casting tray 100X70 mm 1
E12120 UV Transparent Gel running tray 100X70 mm 1
E12121 Acrylic Comb Mini 8 well 1.5mm 1
E12122 Acrylic Comb Mini 14 well 1.0 & 1.5mm 1
E12123 Acrylic Comb Mini 3 well preparative 3.0 mm 1
E12124 Connecting Cord for E12111 1


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