Compared with GenePure Pro 96, this product eliminates the shaking mode,it can be used in nucleic acid testing laboratories of hospitals, customs, disease control center, universities, scientific research institutes, judicial appraisal institutions and other departments to separate and purify nucleic acid of various samples.

This product through the single-chip microcomputer control step motor, to achieve precision transmission, thus automatically complete the nucleic acid purification process of magnetic separation process.It can be used to extract DNA, RNA and mRNA from whole blood, cells, tissues, etc.


1.Easy to Operate

Self-designed UI operation interface, easy to understand

2.Efficient Extraction

Adopt full magnetic bar and amplitude dynamic adjustment technology, can deal with all kinds of small magnetic bead and reduce the magnetic bead residue

3.UV Sterilization Lamp

Turn on manually or automatically

4.Accurate Temp Control

Using the wrapped deep hole heating module, reduce the temperature difference between the tube temperature and the set temperature, and improve the efficiency of lysis and elution

5.Automatic blocking

Equipped with door protection function, can prevent the pollution and safety problems caused by opening the door by mistake in the experiment

6.Easy to maintenance

The magnetic bar can be replaced by the user without calibration


Product Code Function Parameter NPA-96T
Sample Throughput 96
Processing Volume 201000ul
Collection Efficiency 99%
Magnetic Flux of Magnetic Rod 4500GS
Temp. Control Range +10℃—+120 
Module No. 6
Heating Mode Heating film and TE module
Soak Function Yes
Temp. Display Resolution 0.1 
Self-detection Function Yes
Anti-contamination UV-lamp
Device Controller 10 built-in colour LCD touch screen, windows system
Barcode Reader Optional
Memory 1000
Communication Port USB
Power Supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 907×495×571 (L×W×H)
Net Weight 815kg


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