Foetal Bovine Serum – Triple 0.1 µm Sterile Filtered – S-FBS-IR-015



Collected in Ireland
Foetal Bovine serum (FBS) is the liquid fraction of the clotted fetal blood. After separation by centrifugation, the raw FBS is then dispensed into containers and frozen. A batch of Sterile filtered FBS is obtained by thawing, pooling and filtration of raw FBS through a series of membrane filters culminating in a sterile 0.1 micron filter, before being aseptically dispensed.

Origin :Ireland

Quantity :500 ml

Storage :< – 15°

Shelf Life :5 Years

Treatment : Sterile Filtered

HS Code :3002 1098

Price : €On Request

Product Code : S-FBS-IR-015


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