Foetal Bovine Serum – Gamma Irradiated – S-FBS-AU-035



Collected in Australia
Serana gamma-irradiates serum on customer request. Our normal gamma irradiation dose for serum is in the range of 30–45 kGy which inactivates the most common bovine viruses which may be present in certain lots of FBS. We have recorded the level of inactivation is a 6–8 log reduction for these viruses. Should you have a requirement for your FBS to be gamma irradiated, please speak to a Serana customer representat.

Origin : Australia

Quantity : 500 ml

Storage : < – 15°

Shelf Life : 5 Years

Treatment : Gamma Irradiated

HS Code : 3002 1098

Price : € On Request

Product Code : S-FBS-AU-035


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