Fetal ExCell – Triple 0.1µm Sterile Filtered – S-SFBS-EU-015



A serum substitute for foetal bovine serum
There are a variety of factors that effect the supply of foetal bovine serum including the weather, animal husbandry, and the beef packing industry itself. Regardless of fluctuating quality and occasional short supply, researchers have relied on fetal bovine serum (FBS) for decades to maintain their cell cultures because it works well. Fortunately, there are abundant, reliable, and less expensive alternatives to FBS. Serana’s Fetal ExCell product is specifically designed and manufactured as an FBS alternative to provide the nutrients required for cell culture while keeping the cost of cell culture more economical. This product regularly outperforms FBS in growth promotio.

Origin : EU Eligible

Quantity : 500 ml

Storage : < – 15°

Shelf Life : 5 Years

Treatment : Sterile Filtered

HS Code : 3002 1098

Price : € To be Announced

Product Code : S-SFBS-EU-015


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